Facebook Groups for Networking PLR

Networking with Facebook groupsThis is a $5 weekend special that is certain to be a HOT seller. It’s all about leveraging Facebook Groups for networking.

The package includes:

  1. 4028 word report
  2. Ecover set, with editable
  3. 5 social media graphics

And it covers:

  • What are Facebook Groups
  • Why you need to participate in groups
  • How to find Facebook Groups that are relevant
  • How to make Facebook Groups your secret weapon
  • How to participate to make valuable connections
  • Offering value through groups
  • Building connections outside the group
  • Networking tips

Weekend $5 Special Expires Monday July 20

Get it here: Facebook Groups PLR


Webinar Marketing PLR

Webinar Marketing 101Webinar Marketing 101 Overview:

Webinars are the ultimate engagement marketing tool for attracting leads, converting those leads to customers, and retaining those customers for life. But most people are nervous about running a webinar, or just don’t know where to start.

That’s why this re-brandable, customizable course on webinar marketing is just what you need. You’ll get a full set of ready-to-go materials for delivering a step-by-step course, and you can edit them and add your own name and logo!

Here’s a quick overview of what you get:

  1. 7 Module Course Book
  2. Workbook
  3. Graphics
  4. Checklists
  5. Slides
  6. Speaker Notes
  7. Resource Notes
  8. Tweets
  9. …and more!

Click here to see full details and screenshots.

Heart Health PLR

Heart Healthy HabitsHeart disease is THE leading cause of death for both men and women around the world. This is a problem that we ALL need to be aware of, as it’s estimated that half of all adults have at least one factor for heart disease.

Here’s what’s included in “Heart Healthy Habits” PLR:

  1. Main eBook: “Heart Healthy Habits: Practical Lifestyle Changes That Reduce Your Risk of Heart Disease”
  2. Short Report: “Top 14 Heart Healthy Foods”
  3. 5 Product Reviews
  4. Long Product Comparison Review: Top 5 Blood Pressure Monitors
  5. 5 Emails/ Blog Posts: “Managing Stress for a Healthy Heart”
  6. Bonus: 10 Diabetes Articles (closely related to heart disease)
  7. 20 Related Articles
  8. 5 Shareable Social Media Tips
  9. 5 Shareable Social Media Inspirational Images
  10. 20 Social Media Posts (for sharing on Twitter or Facebook)
  11. 3 Bonus Bylines (for article marketing or guest blogging)
  12. Royalty Free Images
  13. Images of All Products Reviewed

PLUS – EXTRA LIMITED BONUS: If you sign up within the initial launch period you’ll also get a bonus content planning guide for August. This includes special dates over the next month, your content planning calendar, and engaging content ideas.

Check out Heart Healthy Habits PLR here