How to Use Content Marketing to Build Your Brand

Sharyn Sheldon’s Spotlight Special this weekend is a complete course kit on content marketing that’s designed to help your audience break through all the noise online and use content to attract their ideal customer to your brand.

The program is ideal for people who:

  • Want to attract more leads,… and need an inexpensive way to do it
  • Have tried content marketing,… but aren’t happy with the results
  • Want to do more content marketing,… but aren’t sure of the best way
  • Have a weak brand,… and want to both strengthen it and spread the word
  • Want to increase their visibility,… but aren’t sure where to start
  • or anyone who knows they ‘should’ be doing content marketing, but need some direction to be effective

There are 5 modules, plus an intro and review, and they’re broken up into separate lessons. For more info and details click here to check it out ++>>  How to Use Content Marketing to Build Your Brand   

Special Deal on Coach Glue Planners

Coach Glue has some of the best planner PLR out there.  They are so popular and that they’ve had customers asking if they could just get the latest planner each month automatically, so they wouldn’t miss any of them. Before, the only option to do this was for them to either join the All Access VIP program ($997) or the All Access Monthly (which is no longer available).

Now they have an affordable option – a monthly planner club. I am super excited about it.

The special deal actually has expired, but Nicole and Melissa have put together a secret page for a few people to promote and this deal will continue  until April 30.

Coach Glue’s Monthly Planner Club automatically gives you a brand new planner every single month that you can use to grow your list and make money with.

Here’s the Planner You’ll Find Inside the Club When You Join Today:








Melissa has recorded a video showing you 7 different ways that you can grow your list from your blog.

PLUS, she also shares a couple of different ways that you can use our done-for-you planners to grow your list AND easily sell your courses and coaching.


The Monthly Planner Club automatically gives you a brand new planner every single month that you can use to grow your list and make money with.

But hurry, this is only available through April 30. The price is super low at only $20/month but it will be going up to $27/month very soon. So, lock in your savings now.

Free Stuff From Elite Writers Lab

Grab Free Stuff from Alice and Ron over at Elite Writers Lab. 

There are free articles, templates and reports, tutorials, tips and more!

Elite Writers Lab

Free Content Planning Template from Content Sparks

Free Content Planning TemplateWith this free content planning template you can:

  • Get a clear picture of exactly what content you need to create and why
  • Increase your productivity when you know what content you’re creating next
  • Tackle the headaches and overwhelm that prevent most businesses from being successful with content marketing

Get it here: Free Content Planning Template

Pros and Cons of a PLR Membership Site

Should You Join a PLR Membership SiteShould you join a PLR Membership Site?

One way to buy private label rights products is to join a PLR membership site. When you become a member, you usually pay X amount per month (or a year or even lifetime memberships), and get X amount of PLR products in return. There are advantages and disadvantages to the membership model, so here is a quick guide to help you make a decision on whether to join a PLR membership site.

The Pros of Joining a PLR Membership Site

  • When you join a PLR membership site, often you will find that spaces are limited to a certain number of buyers. This limitation helps to make sure that the PLR is not distributed too extensively, so you won’t see the articles that you get all over the internet.
  • A PLR membership site also means that you don’t need to worry about getting content for your websites and blogs every month. If you buy a single PLR pack, you only have a moth of two of content before you run out of content from that pack. A membership site, on the other hand, means you’re assured of new, fresh articles on the topic every month.
  • PLR membership sites are most beneficial when the content they produce is in a specific niche and not available elsewhere.


The Cons of Joining a PLR Membership Site

  • One major drawback of joining a membership site is that often subscribers let the subscription run on without getting maximum use from the product.
  • Unless you’re organized and make full use of each article, you are wasting your money letting them sit on your computer unused.
  • If you’re on a budget, a membership could end up costing you considerably more than buying PLR packs only when you need them.
  • You also need to check the quality and reputation of the authors or site owner carefully. Some membership sites  rehash old products that have been sold a thousand times already. I do not promote or use those providers.
  • Last but not least, if you are paying a monthly fee, you need to be certain that the site owner is going to maintain their end of the agreement and deliver the PLR on time. Providers I work with take this seriously and honor their commitments.

Read the membership rules carefully. Some memberships allow you to access all past, current and future cintent, while others let you download current and future releases only.

Of course PLR sold in single packages can also be poor quality, depending on who you buy from (again I do not promote or use  those providers). There are many PLR buying options available that you aren’t limited to signing up to a monthly fee if you only want a few articles. However, if a great deal of regular articles on a specific topic are what you need, then a PLR membership site could be perfect for you.

Listed below are some great PLR Memberships. I belong to several myself and use them for my niche affiliate marketing sites. Listed in no particular order 🙂