Fill Your Live Events and Workshops Done For You Kit

Thursday, February 15th at 11:59 pm (ET)


With this new Done-for-You’ Course Kit you can launch your own course on how to fill  live events and workshops.

Just download Fill Your Live Events and Workshops and you are all set.


With this course, you get:

  • A ready-to-go course that will save you months of time on creating content
  • Everything you need to attract students to your course, so you can close more sales
  • The ability to edit, customize, and brand the materials, so that it fits your own market and personality
  • A complete “training-in-a-box,” at a fraction of the cost of starting from scratch
  • …and much more

You can use your course to:

  • Attract a flood of leads for your other products and services
  • Build your reputation as an expert with webinars, workshops, videos, and more
  • Provide resources for your clients to help them get results
  • Sell the course for 100% profit… and a nice new income stream for you

Save over 60% if you buy it by Thursday, February 15th at 11:59 pm (ET)

Check it out here: Fill Your Live Events and Workshops


12 Days of Christmas PLR Sales

Two different providers are having 12 Days of Christmas Sales that you should know about. They both begin today, Dec 1, 2017.

Over at Coach Glue they are offering some fantastic savings on packages. After today these packages will  not be available again outside of the All Access Pass Program, so this is a good deal. Each one is on sale for only the current day.

The coupon code is on every page and it is: 2017

Lynette Chandler over at PLR Plugins also has a 12 Dyas of Christmas sale.

Here’s the complete list of what will be on sale. No coupon code necessary. Schedule them into your email now. I’ve also set up a page to display both deals and those deals will change everyday. If you prefer to send them to one single page over the next 11 days, this is your link:

The sale will change daily and include both PLR rights Plugins and personal use plugins.

Private Label Plugins

  1. Day 1: $100 off Retire Post Plugin
  2. Day 2: $100 off Last Chance Exit PopUp Plugin
  3. Day 3: $100 off Link Gate Plugin
  4. Day 4: $100 off Social Quiz Plugin
  5. Day 5: $100 off Big Welcome Plugin
  6. Day 6: $100 off Import DocX Plugin
  7. Day 7: $100 off Survey Logic Plugin
  8. Day 8: $100 off Action Poll Plugin
  9. Day 9: $100 off PM My Order Plugin
  10. Day 10: $100 off Lead Book Plugin
  11. Day 11: $100 off Tailored Image Plugin
  12. Day 12: 1 Year’s Access to ALL PLR Plugins download & updates for $997

If you prefer Personal Use Plugins they are as follows:


New Book Planner Bundle

Book Planner Bundle

Have you thought about becoming a Kindle Author? Or are you already one but need a little more help. Well, Melissa and Nicole over at Coach Glue to the rescue! They have released a new planner that will help current and aspiring authors plan out the creation and launch of their next (or first) book.

And right now, they’re doing a great deal on a bundle of 3 of their “book planners”

The topics of the 3 planners are:

  1. Book Brainstorming Planner
  2. Your Amazon Author Page Monetization Planner
  3. How to Host an Off the Charts Book Signing Event Planner + 10 Worksheets

Use them to plan your own book, or help others create and launch theirs.

AND, you’ll save $74 when you grab the bundle here: Book Planner Bundle


Business Management Bootcamp Done-For-You Workshop

Imagine How Fast Your Business Would Grow if You…

  1. Host regular online workshops or classes (or make it exclusive by opening the doors for enrollment just few times a year)
  2. Set up a year-long academy and use many of our workshops and content packages to deliver training to your clients
  3. Package up your expertise + our content into ecourses that you sell overand over again
  4. Develop a monthly group coaching program and then use our content +templates to create your curriculum
  5. Host an in-person weekend workshop in a beautiful location using our materials to teach your tribe


You’ll Get an Entire Coaching Workshop with:

  • 4 Training Modules
  • 4 Fast Action Plan Worksheets & Exercises
  • 4 Program Accelerator Checklists
  • 4 Sets of PowerPoint Slides

See here for pricing options: Coach Glue Bootcamp Workshop


378 Content Starters

Coach Glue 378 done for you content startersCoach Glue has made it easy for you to come up with ideas for your next blog posts and videos, brainstorm your social media posts, and to grow your list.

This package includes content that you can use to generate hundreds of blog posts. You have permission to use this content on your blog, edit it as much as you’d like, put your business logo and name on, and use it to grow your business.

Check it out here: Coach Glue 378 Content Starters

You will receive 18 topics, each with 21 tips. The topics are:

  1. Ways to Overcome Procrastination
  2. How to Create and Deliver Free Coaching Sessions that Result in New Clients
  3. Getting Started with Public Speaking
  4. How to Quickly Grow Your cash, Your Community and Your Clout by Running a Challenge
  5. Heart-Felt Strategies to Engage and Connect with Your Tribe
  6. Affiliate Marketing with Integrity
  7. Be the Source: How and Where to Find Great Content to Share
  8. Choose a Coach to Rock Your World & Grow Your Business
  9. How to Enroll New Clients & Manage Your Coaching Sessions with Ease
  10. Start, Grow, Engage and Monetize Facebook Groups
  11. How to find the Confidence to Get More Done (And Magnetically Attract New Clients)
  12. You’re Losing Sales! Here’s the Fix for Finding All Your Lost Profits
  13. How to Get All the Clients You Ever Wanted with LinkedIn®
  14. How to Get 3 New Clients This Month
  15. Simple and Fun Goal Setting Strategies
  16. Raise Your Profile + Raise Your Profits!
  17. How to Rock Real World Networking Events
  18. Keys to Taking Control, Getting Organized, and Getting it All Done

Get them here: Coach Glue 378 Content Starters