Melissa Ingold & Nicole Dean – Provider Spotlight

Provider Spotlight – Nicole Dean & Melissa Ingold

Meilssa Ingold & Nicole Dean


Nicole Dean and Melissa Ingold, the founders of CoachGlue, have a combined experience of over 20 years running successful online businesses and are highly sought after business coaches for really smart people.

They are authors, speakers, and highly skilled marketers.

The best part about these two friends is that they share one important commonality. Family means everything. Both of these highly profitable ladies spend more time out of their offices than in them, preferring to live life, laugh often, and make memories.

Their love of building a lifestyle based business has led to the creation of all the wonderful resources available at CoachGlue, so they can help business owners just like you, leverage the tools of the trade so you can make more money in your coaching business, without working so darn hard.


Tiffany Lambert – PLR Provider Spotlight

PLR Provider Spotlight: Tiffany Lambert

I have known Tiffany for many years online. I have not only used many of her PLR offerings, but also follow her online since she is an ethical marketer that I trust.

Spotlight on Tiffany:


Tiffany LambertTiffany Dow boasts one of the largest unique PLR sites on the Internet. With hundreds of content packs on a wide variety of topics, there’s something for everyone on her PLR Mini Mart.

When she quit her career being the “Ghostwriter to the Gurus” and began creating her own Internet Marketing products, she wanted to launch a PLR store specifically for people who needed quality content at a very affordable price ($1 per page).

Prior to her online career, Tiffany was going after a Journalism career, but quickly found that online writing paid far more than an offline news beat. She perfected her tone of voice online from a stuffy collegiate feel to one that’s casual and conversational – just right for engaging an online niche audience.

At the PLR Mini Mart, you can get a little bit of everything, including:

  • eBooks
  • Reports
  • Articles
  • Email autoresponders
  • Blog posts
  • Reviews
  • CPA packs
  • …and more

There’s even a limited edition section! Her most popular packs are her Mega PLR packs, where you get 52 articles on a niche topic (enough to cater to your audience once a week for an entire year) and a report that you can use as an opt in gift or as a viral element in your marketing.

With Tiffany’s store, she only has two rules:

  1. Don’t use her name on the content.
  2. Don’t pass the PLR rights along to your customers.

Ruth Pound – PLR Provider Spotlight

PLR Provider Spotlight: Ruth Pound

I met Ruth early in her online venture and it is great to see how much fun she has had with her business. I am jealous that she has been able to travel and live in other countries during the last couple of  years while still running her business. Her PLR is great and I am sure you will enjoy using it.

Spotlight on Ruth:

Ruth Pound, owner of Content Shortcuts PLR”  fell into the world of online marketing almost by accident in 2008. And she quickly found herself hooked!

 Ruth PoundSince her first online writing job, Ruth has never had a month where she couldn’t pay the bills – and more – through online content. It started off as freelance writing for others, and moved onto niche website creation, information products, and selling pre-made sets of PLR articles.
As a marketer herself, Ruth knows what marketers need, and her aim at Content Shortcuts PLR is to create only high quality content that marketers can put to good use.
Ruth loves working online and helping others to do the same through her content. As long as we have an internet connection, we can run our businesses whenever, and from wherever, we like!


Alice Seba & Melody Spier – PLR Provider Spotlight

PLR Provider Spotlight: Alice Seba & Melody Spier

I have been dealing with Alice & Melody at All Private Label Content for several years. Their PLR content is always well written, informative  and up to date.

Spotlight on Alice & Melody:

alice-melodyTogether Alice Seba and Melody Spier have been happily serving the customers at All Private Label Content (APLC) since 2006. The business was opened at a time where quality PLR was difficult to find and the main goal of APLC was to provide an alternative to business owners who wanted to put their best foot forward with content. Interestingly enough, with their dedication to providing well-written content their customers could count on, they helped turn the tide in the PLR industry and influenced other providers to also step up their game as well.

Alice manages the marketing department and works on product development and promotions. With a background in ghostwriting and teaching content marketing since 2002, she has a keen understanding of what her customers need to successful grow their businesses with content.

Melody is the glue that holds everything together and has been managing the customer support department since opening. Her 15+ years experience in office management have certainly proved to be an asset in keeping things running smoothly. In early 2011, Melody joined Alice as a full partner and now manages their team of writers, keeps the website up to date and continues to ensure they have more new satisfied customers every day.

Sharyn Sheldon – PLR Provider Spotlight

PLR Provider Spotlight: Sharyn Sheldon

Sharyn’s Site Content Sparks has customizable done-for-you business content for all your marketing, training, and product creation needs.

Spotlight on Sharyn Sheldon:

Sharyn Sheldon

Sharyn Sheldon is the owner and editor of Content Sparks providing high quality content for business coaches, internet marketing service providers and other small business owners.

After receiving her MBA in Finance and International Business, Sharyn took off on the permanent path of learning by becoming an instructional designer and learning consultant.  She’s worked as a consultant to many Fortune 500 companies, helping them create the best training and development solutions for their most pressing business issues.

 After nearly 20 years in the corporate consulting world, Sharyn shifted completely online. Now, she is focused on creating the highest quality PLR for savvy marketers who know the value of quality content.  As always, her content focuses on learning and results, so her customers can be the expert without spending all their time creating content.