Easy Article Starters from Peg Baron

Article Starters is a Great New Concept from Peg Baron

If you are an internet marketer, do you:

  • sometimes have a hard time thinking up topics for your blog posts (blank mind/blank screen)
  • struggle with writing articles
  • can write articles but they take you FOREVER
  • see the need for content but you just can't do it all
  • don't have deep pockets to hire ghostwriters

If so, I have a great answer for you … Easy Article Starters

Wordsmith, Peggy Baron of AllstarPLR has taken many of the problems out of writing articles … 100 internet marketing articles to be exact. She's started these articles so you can easily add to them, change them around, and make them your own.

And by making them your own I mean you can take what you write (with a little help from your new best friend, Peggy) and add them to your blog, post in article directories, use for podcasts, webinars, PowerPoint presentations, turn into a report, or even sell as PLR.

These are being offered at a discount right now and if you want to see a couple examples you'll find them at the page linked to here. There are 4 packs so you can get just the topics that interest you, or you can get all 4 at an even better rate.

Check them out here

P.S. Just to be clear, the articles starters pack you are buying is NOT PLR. But the articles that you write using these packs are yours to do with as your wish.


Easy Article Starters from Peg Baron — 2 Comments

  1. I got these and they are a big help to my article writing. Thanks for letting me know about them

  2. These are wonderful – just what I needed to get my creative juices flowing. Thanks for posting them