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Your Member Site Live Training Program

In this in-depth training, Ron & Alice help their students create recurring revenue with their own membership site. They leverage their combined 20 years of experience with membership sites to help customers succeed.

The product includes:

  • Recordings Package – Recordings, transcripts, and notes from 4 in-depth live workshops.
  • Done for You Tools and Templates – We will provide easy fill in the blank templates and tools students can use to make the process easier.
  • Done For You Membership Site Option – Customers can purchase the option of having us set up their membership site for them.
  • Elite Writer’s Lab Membership – Another optional upgrade, customers can join our private networking and support group to get ongoing support from us and our experts.

They are also giving away a free membership ideas guide.Get that here: Membership Ideas Guide  

Check it out here: Your Member Site Live

Easily Create Your Own Beautiful Website in WordPress Free Seminar

Free Free “Do It Yourself Website Creation Checklist”Download HereFree Free “Agonizing Website Mistakes”Download HereFree Free “Essential Website Roadmap for Non Techies”Download HereFree Live Training Easily Create a Beautiful WebsiteFree Live Training Easily Create a Beautiful WebsiteRegister Here

If you don’t have the ability to easily update and edit your website for your business, chances are you’re either spending way too much on a web designer or you simply don’t have a website that does the “heavy lifting” for you by staying up-to-date with the times, representing who you are, and attracting new clients.

If you have had any of the following thoughts about building your own website…

  • It’s going to be too expensive
  • It requires fancy technical know how that’s way over my head
  • It’s going to take way too much of my time
  • I don’t have a clue so why even get started?

Then you NEED to sign up for this free training from my friend, Christina Hills, “Easily Create Your Own Beautiful Website in WordPress, Even If You Hate Technology!”… Go here to register for her free live training: Free WordPress Webinar

Christina has been teaching “regular” non-technical people like you and me how to quickly set up their own websites for more than 10 years. She’s great at explaining technical topics in a way that’s easy to understand and actually fun!

In addition she has released three free ebooks to help you in your website creation. Pick them here:

Don’t fool yourself into thinking this isn’t urgent! It just may be the most important training you “gift” yourself with this year.



Free Website Creation Webinar

Christina Hills is hosting a Free Live Seminar called: “Easily Create A Beautiful Website In WordPress, Even If You Hate Technology!”

In this FREE live webinar, you’ll see just how easy it is to create your own beautiful website, fast.

If you are not a designer or a techie, this webinar is for you.

During this 90 minute live webinar, Christina will show you…

  1. How you can fire your designer and build a site yourself in WordPress
  2. WordPress Theme Designs and how to find a beautiful one for your website.
  3. How to make changes to your site on the go, in just minutes.
  4. How to never be dependent on a designer or tech-person ever again.
  5. Already have a WordPress site, but not sure how it works? You can join  too, and she’ll demystify WordPress for you!

Go here to register now and pick your day and time… Free Website Creation Webinar

Free Do-It-Yourself Website Creation Checklist

When creating a brand new website for yourself, do you  get confused with various components, not knowing what web pages should be included (and what pages are not necessary) for the site to be effective? This easy-to-follow checklist will help you understand the essential elements of a website so that you can build a website that attracts clients and customers in the most efficient way.

Download the Free Checklist HERE



Free Report: Residual Profits Made Simple

Free Report: Simple and Profitable Membership Ideas and Examples You Can Use

Membership Site Free EbookAre you:

  • Just getting started making money online
  • Struggling to reach your online income goals?
  • Finding it difficult to have enough time for your business?

If you answered, “yes,” to any of these questions, you need to download this free report right now.

It’s called “Simple and Profitable Membership Ideas and Examples You Can Use,” and it can get you well on your way to making residual profits with a simple membership site.

Yes, you can make money while you sleep, go out with friends, or attend your child’s every soccer game! No, it’s not that difficult to set up a profitable membership site…nor does it take hours a day to manage!

This free report is offered by Best Selling Author, Ron Douglas, and Elite Content Marketing Expert, Alice Seba, both experienced teachers and entrepreneurs with over 20 years combined membership site marketing experience.

With this report, Ron and Alice are sharing what is working for them, and what can work for you. You’ll get real-life examples of successful membership sites as well as ideas you can use to create your own residual income.

Why continue trying to make money on your own when you can see what works well for others and apply it to your own business?

Go here to get your free report: Simple and Profitable Membership Ideas and Examples You Can Use

Create a Catchy Title

Catchy TitlesSharon Sheldon over at Content Sparks has posted a great FREE resource for you. It’s a blog post and pdf download called:

How to Write a Title for Your Course [Tips & Templates]

You can use the tips and formulas in here for a course, book, info product – or any product you need to create a catchy title for.

Click on the link to go straight to the post for some tips and formulas to help:  Create Catchy Titles

Create an Irresistible Group Coaching Program Training PLR

Create Group Coaching ProgramCoach Glue has released a new Coaching Workshop Program called: How to Create an Irresistible Group Coaching Program and End 1-to-1 Client Burnout. 

You can either use thie information yourself to create a coaching program or customize and brand this workshop to your business, you can sell it to your clients and earn back your investment over and over again.

This new workshop includes all of the following:

  • 4 Training Modules (35 pages)
  • 4 Fast Action Plan Worksheets & Exercises
  • 4 Program Accelerator Checklists (21 pages)
  • 4 Sets of PowerPoint Slides to Create Your Inspiring Webinars or Videos (142 slides)
  • 4 Emails to Promote Both Your Live Webinar and the Replay of Your Webinar
  • 10 Social Media Posts to Promote Your Program on Facebook, Twitter, Google+, etc.
  • 5 Blog Posts / Newsletter Articles to Promote Your Program
  • Webinar Script: The Top 5 Group Coaching Mistakes!  (20 pages)
  • Webinar PowerPoint Slides (54 slides)
  • Handout to Give Your Webinar Guests
  • Sales Page Copy to Help You Sell Your Workshop

You can see the whole package here. 

Social Encore Plugin


Social Encore PluginIt sure would be a big time saver if you could tell WordPress to share your scheduled posts to your social network on its own.

Well now you can – with Lynette’s new plugin Social Encore.

Here are some things you can do with this plugin:

  • Schedule single posts to be shared automatically at a later time.
  • Automatically re-share old posts.
  • Share to Facebook Groups <– BIG One!
  • Share to Facebook Pages, Twitter and LinkedIn.
  • Re-share only posts published between, before, or after dates of your choosing.
  • Create unlimited sharing schedules to reduce your workload while increasing social media presence.
  • Share posts, pages and custom post types.

Grab the Social Encore plugin here

The 7 Most Effective Website Types

7 Mosts Effective Website Types


Free Download from Christina Hills called “The 7 Most Effective Website Types for Your Business”

Christina has just released a super fun and easy tool to use when it comes to understanding the different types of websites out there and exactly which one you need right now.

It’s called “The 7 Most Effective Website Types For Your Business (And How to Know Which One You Need to Build First to Get The Best Results In Record Time)“.

Be sure to watch the short training video that goes along with this Cheat Sheet. She does an excellent job of demystifying the different website types and how to know which one makes the most sense for you and which ones you might be missing.

>> Click here for instant access

Best Design Ideas for Your Website

5 Rules for Choosing a WordPress Design CoverConfused about how to design your own website? Christina Hills makes it simple with her free report: “The 5 Rules For Successfully Choosing A WordPress Design That Will Grow Your Business”

Too many business owners have a website that is no longer current with what’s working right now to pull in more subscribers, sell products or get you the kind of attention you want.

>> Download your FREE report here

For a limited time, WordPress expert, Christina Hills is sharing her brand new report for 2015 on how anyone can create a truly effective website without having to pay “designer prices”.

The free report is called “5 Rules for Successfully Choosing a WordPress Design That Will Grow Your Business”.

>> Download your FREE report here

Weekly Social Media Planner PLR

Weekly Social Media PlannerWhat can you do with this Weekly Social Media Planner?

  1. Use it to improve your own social media results and get more efficient with your promotions.
  2. Give the worksheets to your assistant to help work together to streamline your social media better.
  3. Work through it with your clients to get them results.
  4. Customize, personalize, and monetize this as much or as little as you’d like and make it part of your own coaching and training programs.


The contents include… 

  • Automate & Systematize
    • Different Scheduling Platforms
  • #Hashtags Matter
    • Exercise: Determining Your Hashtags
  • Events & Promotion
    • Exercise: Map Out Upcoming Events and Offers
  • Content Themes
    • Exercise: Map Out Monthly Themes
  • Throwbacks
    • Exercise: List Most Popular and Profitable Content
  • Other Content
    • Different Types of Posts to Share
    • Exercise: Favorite Resources for Inspiration

Get Full details here



Repurposing PLR: How to Create a Video from a PLR Article

In Internet Marketing trainings we are told to repurpose our content into different media. But  a lack of technical skills may be preventing you from using video. This should help.

Sharyn Sheldon from Busness Content PLR has taken some different PLR articles and shows what they can look like when you repurpose them. She has then listed the steps to create this video.

Click here to see the steps Sharyn followed to create this video

Plugin for Food Related Optin Forms

This new WordPress plugin will makes it easy for you to create attractive food-themed opt-in forms without messing with complicated code.

Juicy Opt In FormsSome of the features include:

  • Create multiple opt-in forms, as many as you’d like
  • Easily enter the opt-in code provided by your autoresponder. It doesn’t matter if you use Aweber or something else, just enter the code.
  • Add forms to your side bar or widget or right inside a blog post or page
  • Choose from our eye-catching food-themed designs
  • Completely customize the pre-made designs
  • Add your own recipe book covers, background images or whatever you’d like
  • Enter your own CSS, if you prefer

Go here for more info or to buy =>>  WordPress Plugin called “Juicy Optin Forms”

Great New Tool for Amazon Affiliate Marketers – Azon Stock Checker

This is a Must Have Tool For Amazon Affiliates

Edwin Boiten and Colleen Slater have created a great plugin that is a must for every Amazon Affiliate. I haven’t seen another plugin that does what Azon Stock Checker can do.

Azon Stock Checker PluginIf you are an Amazon affiliate you really need this plugin. It will work for you 24/7 checking all of your links for “in stock” availability and notifying you.

If you take the time to check if all your Amazon affiliate links lead to a product actually in stock, then you know what a pain it is and how much time it takes. If you are like me and don’t want to take the time, then you should understand the benefits of this plugin.  I bought this to use on my affiliate sites, as I can see  how much time and aggravation it will save me.

Click Here to see the plugin in action: Azon Stock Checker 


Create Eye-Catching Food Content with the “Content Garnish” WordPress Plugin

If you are in a Food niche this is a cool plugin to dress up your food content and recipes.

Content Garnish PluginWith this plugin, you can:

  1. Create gorgeous buttons people want to click
  2. Feature snippets of content
  3. Get attention with notice boxes
  4. Make your bullet points stand out
  5. Make each bullet point different
  6. Easily remove styles

See how it works and grab your license here

Better Food Photos

Guide To Taking Better Food Photos

Food a Plenty Food PhotosOver at Food a Plenty they have a great new guide to help you take better food photos – no technical expertise or fancy equipment required. This is a quick 19-page guide that will get you on your way quickly to taking better photos.

Please note, this is a guide for your personal use only. It does not contain PLR or any type of resell rights.

==> Get the guide here: Better Food Photos

Coach Glue Sticky Social Media

Sticky Social Media Training at a Discount

limited time offerThe best-selling program of all time on Coach Glue is Sticky Social Media, where they showed how to use FREE tools online to make cool graphics to share on Facebook, Pinterest, and in your blog posts, too.

Coach Glue has revamped their business, canceling some programs and adding others. Please use the link below to go to the Coach Glue Home Page

==> Click here for the CoachGlue Home Page

This special has expired and the PLR is no longer available. If you missed it, sign up for my email notification list, so you will not miss PLR special discounts, deals and new PLR releases.


Free Training from Sharryn Sheldon at Business Content PLR

This Free Training is  “30 Ways to Use Ready-to-Go Content to Build Your Business”

It includes:

  1. 30 waysa 40 minutes training video (broken up by goals for your business)
  2. a pdf version,
  3. infographic summary,
  4. list of ideas for using BCPLR materials
  5. a personal use sample from her course called First Impressions Matter.

Download your Free Training Report here

Make Writing Your Newsletter Easier by Using PLR Articles

Do you have tons of private label articles sitting on your hard drive? Private label articles are great for getting quality content for your newsletter. It is very easy to take a good PLR article and edit it to make it your own unique article.

The first thing you want to do is look through several of PLR articles in your niche and find useful information to put together one article for your newsletter. You can usually  find several paragraphs that, when rewritten, make up one good article. Take one or two paragraphs from each article and put them in a logical order to create your newsletter article. The next thing you want to do is rewrite each paragraph.

Continue to do this with each paragraph and in no time you can have a good quality article that shows your own unique style to add to your newsletter. Once you have your article written, you will want to decide on a good title that explains what it is about. Your title is the most important part of your article as it will determine whether or not someone will take time to read it. You need to build interest by getting your subscriber’s attention with your title.

Tip: Rework the titles from each article and use them as subheadings for your larger article.

The more you use PLR articles to write your own unique content the faster you will get at it. It is possible to write articles in 15 minutes or less using PLR and make them  completely different and add your own style to them. Once you get good at this you’ll wonder why you didn’t use all that content collecting virtual dust on your PC sooner.

Looking for content to use in your autoresponders, eCourse, ezine or newsletter? Check out Easy PLR Here

PLR vs. Ghostwriting: Which is Better?

PLR vs. Ghostwriting: Which is Better?
by Nicole Dean

Private Label Rights (PLR) articles and ghostwritten articles
are both options when you need web content. Each is unique in its
qualities and each has its drawbacks.

So, when you need content, which should you choose? Let’s analyze both options to find out which option is right for you.

Ghostwritten Articles

Ghostwritten articles are written just for your use. You own the article and can do whatever you’d like to with it.


1. The article is unique to you and you do not share the content with anyone else.


1. Ghostwritten articles are quite a bit more expensive per article than PLR packages.

2. You have the responsibility of finding a good writer.

3. The quality can be questionable.

4. You need to check your articles to make sure your ghostwriter isn’t stealing content. Unfortunately that does happen.

PLR Articles

PLR articles are prewritten articles that are sold in packages, or as part of a monthly membership.


1. PLR articles are much more affordable than ghostwritten ones.

2. The content is ready, so you don’t have to wait for a ghostwriter to become available or find a ghostwriter who is available.


1. The content is not unique. You share the articles with the other people who purchased the package or membership.

2. You can’t submit the PLR articles to article directories.

3. The quality can be questionable.

4. You have to find PLR packages in your niche – or hope that the membership you signed up for sends you ones that you can use.

How can you even the odds between the two? Find a quality PLR
that allows you choose your topics. If the articles are well
written, and their distribution is limited, it’s almost as good as
getting ghostwritten content just for you. That way, you get the best
of both worlds – quality content at a great price.

Author Resource –

Nicole Dean welcomes you to check out the articles at EasyPLR.com – where you’ll find high-quality PLR articles on niches sold in very limited quantities.

PLR and Ghostwritten Articles: Are they Ethical?

PLR and Ghostwritten Articles: Are they Ethical?

by Nicole Dean

Recently, in an interview, I was asked “Is it ethical to use
private label rights and ghostwritten articles?”

Let me step back a moment and explain… Private label rights (or
PLR) articles and ghostwritten articles are used by web owners as a
method of outsourcing some of their content.

* PLR articles are packages of articles that are pre-written and sold to more than one person.

(We recommend this site for your PLR needs.)

* Ghostwritten articles are articles that are written by someone
else just for you that you can put your name on and are not sold to
anyone else.

In both cases, you are allowed to edit the content as much or as
little as you’d like and use the articles on your website, blog, or in
your newsletter.

So, back to the question. Is it ethical? My answer was, “usually, yes”.

If you’re using the articles and saying “written by me” without
changing anything at all, it may bite you in the butt later, when
someone else does the same thing. Does that make it unethical? Not
really. It’s just not smart. Can you use the article as it is or edited
slightly, without saying it was written by you? Of course!

Most PLR packs are written by ghostwriters. Ghostwriters are
professional researchers and writers. If you purchase well-written,
informative PLR or ghostwritten articles and share them with your
readers, don’t you all benefit? Your readers benefit by getting great
information. You benefit by saving time. Is it any different than
hiring a graphic designer or webmaster? Not in my opinion. Heck, most
politicians don’t write their own speeches. They leave that to people
who are professional speech writers.

Of course, you’d want to only use top-notch PLR articles and not
“sell-out” just to pump out blog posts or web pages quicker. We
recommend you research thoroughly before choosing any ghostwriter or
PLR service.

Here’s what to look for in a PLR service so you don’t waste your money:

1. Make sure the articles are written well.

2. Make sure that you know what topics you’ll receive (instead of some grab-bag of articles).

3. Be sure that the people running the program have some experience
in article writing themselves, so they know what they’re doing.

There’s no point in doing everything on your own, especially if you
dislike writing. All successful business people outsource the tasks
they are not good at or dislike. Check it out. It might take some
pressure off you and allow you to spend more time with your kids. And,
that’s definitely ethical.

Nicole Dean welcomes you to check out EasyPLR.com – where you’ll find high-quality PLR articles on niches sold in very limited quantities.

The Amazing Amazon Genie: FBA

Dennis Becker has Released a Report called The Amazing Amazon Genie: FBA

This is a 140-page report about the opportunities in the Fulfillment By Amazon program that we all have been hearing about lately. This is NOT PLR.

There are lots of other products out there that teach FBA, ranging in price from the low $100s to nearly $4,000 (Gasp)! So even if you are interested FBA Amazon, These prices may have left you out of the running. Not only that but some of these pricier books don’t cover as much as this book does!

This is a book in PDF format. There is no video. This does Not include PLR rights.

In the Amazing Amazon Genie, you will learn how to start your own FBA business starting with an investment of $0.00, and then a 30-day plan from there.  On Friday, May 23rd, at 9 a.m. eastern time, the price of Amazing Amazon Genie will increase to $47.

You can still purchase the PLR at regular price after this special pricing expires. If you missed the special, sign up for my email notification list here, so you will not miss the PLR special discounts, deals and new PLR releases.

What Can you Do with PLR Articles?

What Can you Do with PLR Articles?
by Nicole Dean

You may have seen the term Private Label Rights or PLR articles
being tossed around frequently lately. PLR articles are articles you
can buy (usually in packages or as part of a membership) that you may
edit and use as you wish. Unlike free reprint articles, you are not
required to link back to anyone else’s website which makes them
appealing to many web publishers.

Once you understand the concept behind PLR articles, you can see
why they are appealing. Most people can envision the value of adding
the articles to their websites. But, did you know there are more ways
to use PLR articles than that?

1. Add them to your blog.

Similar to adding PLR articles to your website, you can take
excerpts and use them on your blog for fresh content. Whether you take
a portion and use it as a “tip of the day” or use the entire article,
PLR articles can be a huge time saver for you.

2. Send them in your newsletter.

Need content for your newsletter? PLR articles are an option. Of
course, if you’re developing a relationship with your readers, you may
wish to edit the articles to make them your own voice. However, you can
pull a section from a PLR article – use it as inspiration — and whip
out a newsletter in minutes.

3. Start an ecourse

If you purchase a package of PLR articles based on a theme, it’s
quite easy to turn them into an ecourse simply by adding them to your
autoresponder. Something as simple as “Five Ideas for Kids Lunches” can
become a 5 day ecourse to grow a big newsletter list.

4. Use them in your podcast

Take a PLR article and use it as inspiration for a podcast. Add the content and you’re done.

5. Send them in a print mailing

Direct mailing is huge. If you have a list of postal mailing
addresses, put together a free report from PLR articles and send it

6. Create a special report

Simply bulk together some PLR articles that have the same topic,
and make them flow into a special report. Turn it into a pdf file and
give it away to your website visitors.

See how easy that is?

The only hard part is finding a high quality PLR service
that fits your niche. Look around. Make sure the
PLR package or membership you choose provides you with high quality
articles so you can create something you’ll be proud of.

Nicole Dean welcomes you to check out EasyPLR.com – where you’ll find high-quality PLR articles on niches sold in very limited quantities.

I highly recommend this PLR site for
the best PLR on the web.

Sticky Passive Income Training Course

Sticky Passive Income Video Training Course from Coach Glue

If you want to earn more recurring income, add multiple income streams, and grow your business so you can have a life, then be sure to check out Sticky Passive Income.

This Course from Coach Glue is no longer available.

Coach Glue has revamped their business, canceling some programs and adding others. Please use the link below to go to the Coach Glue Home Page

==> Click here for the CoachGlue Home Page

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