New PLR eBook on High Blood Pressure by Tiffany Dow

Tiffany Dow has just released a new PLR eBook in the health niche. 

This is a PLR eBook on lowering your blood pressure by Tiffany Dow. There are many promotional opportunities to go with it, such as:

  • Diet and weight loss
  • Stress
  • Smoking cessation
  • Exercise
  • Diabetes
  • …to name a few.

Not only can you promote a bunch of other weight loss products, but you could promote stress relief options (meditation, hypnosis,etc), smoking cessation guides, exercise and diabetes manuals.

Tangible products are also a factor in making money with this course! You can promote the P90X or home gyms for exercise. Promote herbs or an NLP guide for stress relief, advertise the electronic cigarette for smoking cessation, blood sugar monitors, blood pressure monitors and even heart rate monitors for those with hypertension who need to begin exercising without risk!

She titled the eBook "High Blood Pressure Fix" – because it's not just a diet (although it starts off covering that aspect, too), but it also covers smoking, stress, and exercise (all lifestyle changes the reader can implement themselves).

The eBook "High Blood Pressure Fix" includes:

  • Chapter 1: Understanding High Blood Pressure
  • Chapter 2: Changing Your Diet to Control High Blood Pressure
  • Chapter 3: Adding Exercise to Lower Your Blood Pressure
  • Chapter 4: Smoking Cessation Contributes to Healthy Blood Pressure
  • Chapter 5: Stress Relief Brings Down High Blood Pressure Numbers

Plus you get 

$144 Worth of Bonus Items:

  • Bonus #1: Stick to Your Diet
  • Bonus #2: Blast Fat and Build Abs eBook 
  • Bonus #3: Smoking Cessation 
  • Bonus #4: Stress Mega Pack   

Sound good? If so, grab your special offer with a discount and bonus items here: Tiffany Dow's High Blood Pressure Fix eBook


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