65 Done For You Blog Posts

If you would like to create professional content quickly, Coach Glue has put together a special package of 65 done-for-you blog posts on a variety of topics.  You can use these to fill up your blog, newsletters, and social media accounts with scheduled content for the summer holidays (which are coming up fast).

A few of the topics covered are:

  • Branding Your Business
  • Sales Funnel Profits
  • Facebook Ads
  • Creating Business Systems
  • and more….


These are a bargain at only $17. Using one a week to supplement your regular blog posts you will have over a year’s worth of posts right her for only $17. This package is only available until Wednesday April 19, so make sure you grab these while they last here

Coach Glue Weekly Planners

Coach Glue Weekly Planners are a great help in you business. Below are some of the planners you can get as a member of their exclusive All Access VIP Program. Checkout the details of the VIP plan here, or click on individual planners below.

  1.  Cash Calendar: Your 12 Month Marketing + Profit Plan
  2.  Planning Your Best Year Ever!
  3.  Your Keynote + Presentation Speech Planner
  4.  Weekly Newsletter Planner
  5.  Weekly Social Media Planner

Book Brainstorming Planner

Book Brainstorm PlannerCoach Glue just released a brand new planner, called Book Brainstorming Planner

Book Brainstorming Covers:

• Step 1: What’s Your Book-Writing Goal?
◦ Exercise: Brainstorm Your Book-Writing Goal
• Step 2: Refine Your Message
◦ Exercise: Write The Back Cover Blurb for Your Book
• Step 3: Your Story Matters
◦ Exercise: Write Your Story
• Step 4: Research
◦ Exercise: Find and Read/Review at least 10 Books in Your Niche
• Step 5: Outline and Organize Your Content
◦ Exercise: Outline Your Book
• Step 6: Goal-Setting, Deadlines & Time Management for Authors
◦ Exercise: Decide on Your Writing Schedule
• Step 7: Dealing with Distractions, Procrastination, and Other Book Killers
◦ Exercise: Brainstorm Potential Distractions and Write a Plan to Deal with Them
◦ Exercise: Recognize When You’re Most Likely to Procrastinate, and Decide Now How You’ll Resist the Urge
• Step 8: Choosing a Publishing Platform
◦ Exercise: Research and Choose Your Publishing Platform
• Step 9: They Will Judge Your Book by its Cover
◦ Exercise: Design Your Book Cover
• Step 10: Launch Planning
◦ Exercise: Plan Three Promotional Activities You’ll do to Build a Buzz About Your Book Prior to Launch
◦ Exercise: Plan Daily Promotional Activities for the First Few Weeks After Release

Click Here to Check out this Package Now!

P.S. If you’re an All Access VIP member, you don’t need to buy this. It’s already waiting for you in your account.

Cash Calendar: Your 12 Month Marketing & Profit Plan

Cash Calendar


Coach Glue has just preleased a new Done-For-You Planner called: Cash Calendar: Your 12 Month Marketing & Profit Plan!


This new planner includes:


  • Review Last Year
  •      Exercise: Record Your Year-End Stats
  • Set Your Goals
  •      Exercise: Set Your Goals for 2016
  • The Big Picture: Holidays and Special Events
  •      Exercise: Fill In Your Calendar with Big Picture Holidays and Events
  • Plan Your Products and Programs
  •      Exercise: Take Inventory
  •      Exercise: Schedule Your Promotions
  • Complementary Products to Promote
  •      Exercise: Schedule Complementary Promotions
  • Your Next Six Weeks
  •      Exercise: Plan Your Marketing
  • You Can’t Do it All
  •      Exercise: Schedule the Team
  • Keep the Momentum Going with Regular Reviews

Like all of the done-for-you content from coach Glue, you can customize, personalize, and monetize this as much as you’d like.

 Get full details and buy the new Planner here