Make Writing Your Newsletter Easier by Using PLR Articles

Do you have tons of private label articles sitting on your hard drive? Private label articles are great for getting quality content for your newsletter. It is very easy to take a good PLR article and edit it to make it your own unique article.

The first thing you want to do is look through several of PLR articles in your niche and find useful information to put together one article for your newsletter. You can usually  find several paragraphs that, when rewritten, make up one good article. Take one or two paragraphs from each article and put them in a logical order to create your newsletter article. The next thing you want to do is rewrite each paragraph.

Continue to do this with each paragraph and in no time you can have a good quality article that shows your own unique style to add to your newsletter. Once you have your article written, you will want to decide on a good title that explains what it is about. Your title is the most important part of your article as it will determine whether or not someone will take time to read it. You need to build interest by getting your subscriber’s attention with your title.

Tip: Rework the titles from each article and use them as subheadings for your larger article.

The more you use PLR articles to write your own unique content the faster you will get at it. It is possible to write articles in 15 minutes or less using PLR and make them  completely different and add your own style to them. Once you get good at this you’ll wonder why you didn’t use all that content collecting virtual dust on your PC sooner.

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De-Cluttering PLR

New De Cluttering PLR

So we made New Years Resolutions – one probably was to get more organized. Now here is some help for you and your readers about getting rid of the clutter.

The included articles are:

  • Polish and Shine the Dirtiest Room in the House in just 15 Minutes a Day
  • 15 Minutes to Peace and Tranquility – or at Least Less Clutter – in Your Bedroom
  • Clear the Clutter From Your Home “Catch-All” Space: The Garage
  • Keeping the Kitchen Chaos-Free in Record Time
  • Taming Your Workspace: A Home-Office Decluttering Plan

Where: DeClutter PLR  – when you get there scroll to the bottom of the page

Low Carb Lifestyle – PLR Articles

Order Now and You’ll Receive these Private Label Rights (PLR) Articles:

  • A Quick Study Of The Theory Behind The Low Carb Diet
  • Navigating Around A Low Carb Diet To Fit Your Needs
  • Taking The Right Steps Toward Success With Your Low Carb Diet
  • Low Carb Diet Guidelines In A Nutshell
  • Examining The Pros And Cons Of A Low Carb Diet
  • Learn The Magic Fiber Formula For Your Low Carb Diet
  • That’s My Low Carb Diet And I’m Sticking To It
  • The Importance Of Planning Simple Low Carb Snacks
  • Learning To Slow Down And Enjoy Your Low Carb Diet
  • Ridding Your Life Of Those Bad Carbs
  • Tips For Successful Low Carb Eating At A Restaurant
  • Tips For Successful Low Carb Eating On The Road