Melissa Ingold & Nicole Dean – Provider Spotlight

Provider Spotlight – Nicole Dean & Melissa Ingold

Meilssa Ingold & Nicole Dean


Nicole Dean and Melissa Ingold, the founders of CoachGlue, have a combined experience of over 20 years running successful online businesses and are highly sought after business coaches for really smart people.

They are authors, speakers, and highly skilled marketers.

The best part about these two friends is that they share one important commonality. Family means everything. Both of these highly profitable ladies spend more time out of their offices than in them, preferring to live life, laugh often, and make memories.

Their love of building a lifestyle based business has led to the creation of all the wonderful resources available at CoachGlue, so they can help business owners just like you, leverage the tools of the trade so you can make more money in your coaching business, without working so darn hard.


Coach Glue Sticky Social Media

Sticky Social Media Training at a Discount

limited time offerThe best-selling program of all time on Coach Glue is Sticky Social Media, where they showed how to use FREE tools online to make cool graphics to share on Facebook, Pinterest, and in your blog posts, too.

Coach Glue has revamped their business, canceling some programs and adding others. Please use the link below to go to the Coach Glue Home Page

==> Click here for the CoachGlue Home Page

This special has expired and the PLR is no longer available. If you missed it, sign up for my email notification list, so you will not miss PLR special discounts, deals and new PLR releases.


Make Writing Your Newsletter Easier by Using PLR Articles

Do you have tons of private label articles sitting on your hard drive? Private label articles are great for getting quality content for your newsletter. It is very easy to take a good PLR article and edit it to make it your own unique article.

The first thing you want to do is look through several of PLR articles in your niche and find useful information to put together one article for your newsletter. You can usually  find several paragraphs that, when rewritten, make up one good article. Take one or two paragraphs from each article and put them in a logical order to create your newsletter article. The next thing you want to do is rewrite each paragraph.

Continue to do this with each paragraph and in no time you can have a good quality article that shows your own unique style to add to your newsletter. Once you have your article written, you will want to decide on a good title that explains what it is about. Your title is the most important part of your article as it will determine whether or not someone will take time to read it. You need to build interest by getting your subscriber’s attention with your title.

Tip: Rework the titles from each article and use them as subheadings for your larger article.

The more you use PLR articles to write your own unique content the faster you will get at it. It is possible to write articles in 15 minutes or less using PLR and make them  completely different and add your own style to them. Once you get good at this you’ll wonder why you didn’t use all that content collecting virtual dust on your PC sooner.

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PLR vs. Ghostwriting: Which is Better?

PLR vs. Ghostwriting: Which is Better?
by Nicole Dean

Private Label Rights (PLR) articles and ghostwritten articles
are both options when you need web content. Each is unique in its
qualities and each has its drawbacks.

So, when you need content, which should you choose? Let’s analyze both options to find out which option is right for you.

Ghostwritten Articles

Ghostwritten articles are written just for your use. You own the article and can do whatever you’d like to with it.


1. The article is unique to you and you do not share the content with anyone else.


1. Ghostwritten articles are quite a bit more expensive per article than PLR packages.

2. You have the responsibility of finding a good writer.

3. The quality can be questionable.

4. You need to check your articles to make sure your ghostwriter isn’t stealing content. Unfortunately that does happen.

PLR Articles

PLR articles are prewritten articles that are sold in packages, or as part of a monthly membership.


1. PLR articles are much more affordable than ghostwritten ones.

2. The content is ready, so you don’t have to wait for a ghostwriter to become available or find a ghostwriter who is available.


1. The content is not unique. You share the articles with the other people who purchased the package or membership.

2. You can’t submit the PLR articles to article directories.

3. The quality can be questionable.

4. You have to find PLR packages in your niche – or hope that the membership you signed up for sends you ones that you can use.

How can you even the odds between the two? Find a quality PLR
that allows you choose your topics. If the articles are well
written, and their distribution is limited, it’s almost as good as
getting ghostwritten content just for you. That way, you get the best
of both worlds – quality content at a great price.

Author Resource –

Nicole Dean welcomes you to check out the articles at – where you’ll find high-quality PLR articles on niches sold in very limited quantities.

PLR and Ghostwritten Articles: Are they Ethical?

PLR and Ghostwritten Articles: Are they Ethical?

by Nicole Dean

Recently, in an interview, I was asked “Is it ethical to use
private label rights and ghostwritten articles?”

Let me step back a moment and explain… Private label rights (or
PLR) articles and ghostwritten articles are used by web owners as a
method of outsourcing some of their content.

* PLR articles are packages of articles that are pre-written and sold to more than one person.

(We recommend this site for your PLR needs.)

* Ghostwritten articles are articles that are written by someone
else just for you that you can put your name on and are not sold to
anyone else.

In both cases, you are allowed to edit the content as much or as
little as you’d like and use the articles on your website, blog, or in
your newsletter.

So, back to the question. Is it ethical? My answer was, “usually, yes”.

If you’re using the articles and saying “written by me” without
changing anything at all, it may bite you in the butt later, when
someone else does the same thing. Does that make it unethical? Not
really. It’s just not smart. Can you use the article as it is or edited
slightly, without saying it was written by you? Of course!

Most PLR packs are written by ghostwriters. Ghostwriters are
professional researchers and writers. If you purchase well-written,
informative PLR or ghostwritten articles and share them with your
readers, don’t you all benefit? Your readers benefit by getting great
information. You benefit by saving time. Is it any different than
hiring a graphic designer or webmaster? Not in my opinion. Heck, most
politicians don’t write their own speeches. They leave that to people
who are professional speech writers.

Of course, you’d want to only use top-notch PLR articles and not
“sell-out” just to pump out blog posts or web pages quicker. We
recommend you research thoroughly before choosing any ghostwriter or
PLR service.

Here’s what to look for in a PLR service so you don’t waste your money:

1. Make sure the articles are written well.

2. Make sure that you know what topics you’ll receive (instead of some grab-bag of articles).

3. Be sure that the people running the program have some experience
in article writing themselves, so they know what they’re doing.

There’s no point in doing everything on your own, especially if you
dislike writing. All successful business people outsource the tasks
they are not good at or dislike. Check it out. It might take some
pressure off you and allow you to spend more time with your kids. And,
that’s definitely ethical.

Nicole Dean welcomes you to check out – where you’ll find high-quality PLR articles on niches sold in very limited quantities.