Digital Brainstorm & 16 Digital Product Ideas PLR

New PLR “Digital Product Brainstorm + 16 Digital Product Ideas”

This PLR package is great for online coaches, trainers, or anyone else looking for ways to increase their revenue. It includes:

  1. Product Brainstorm + 16 Product Ideas Report (2200+ words)
  2. PowerPoint Slides
  3. 30 Tweets with Hashtag
  4. Brainstorm Checklist
  5. 5 Images for Social Media + eCover (.png)

Where: PLR ALA Carte

Guide to Canva PLR

Lisa over at PLR alacarte just released a PLR Guide to Using Canva

A Quick and Easy Guide To Using Canva PLR includes:

  1. Canva Report (2400 words)
  2. 30 Tweets (including important hashtags)
  3. 9 Images + 1 eCover (.png)
  4. 1 Comparison Article on Canva vs. PicMonkey

 Click here for Guide To Using Canva PLR

P.S. This PLR teams up well with Lisa’s PLR on PicMonkey. Click here to check it out


Increase Conversion Rates PLR

New “30 Ultimate Tips To Increase Your Conversion Rates” PLR

ConversionRates PLRLisa at PLR alacarte has just released this new Conversion rates PLR Package which includes:

  1. 30 Tips Report (2700 words)
  2. PowerPoint Slide Presentation
  3. 30 Tweets
  4. 5 Images + 1 eCover (.png)

Where: Increase Conversion Rates PLR

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40 Hot List Building Tips PLR Package

New 40 Hot List Building Tips PLR (Grow A Targeted List Fast)

This PLR Package includes:

  1. 40 Hot List Building Tips40 Hot List Building Tips Report (2500 words)
  2. 10 Social Media Images
  3. 30 Tweets
  4. 40 PowerPoint Slides
  5. eCover
  6. Bonus: List Building Articles:
  •  How to Add More Subscribers to Your Email List (471 words)
  • Overview: Making the Most of Aweber (432 words)
  • Overview of MailChimp: List Management and Email Marketing Platform (540 words)
  • 5 Tools To Track Your Email Marketing Progress (454 words)
  • How to Get More People to Open Your E-Mails (426 words)
  • 5 Ways to Build a Relationship with Your Subscribers (527 words)

Click here to Get  PLR ala Carte List Building Tips