Coach Glue Weekly Planners

Coach Glue Weekly Planners are a great help in you business. Below are some of the planners you can get as a member of their exclusive All Access VIP Program. Checkout the details of the VIP plan here, or click on individual planners below.

  1.  Cash Calendar: Your 12 Month Marketing + Profit Plan
  2.  Planning Your Best Year Ever!
  3.  Your Keynote + Presentation Speech Planner
  4.  Weekly Newsletter Planner
  5.  Weekly Social Media Planner

Weekly Social Media Planner PLR

Weekly Social Media PlannerWhat can you do with this Weekly Social Media Planner?

  1. Use it to improve your own social media results and get more efficient with your promotions.
  2. Give the worksheets to your assistant to help work together to streamline your social media better.
  3. Work through it with your clients to get them results.
  4. Customize, personalize, and monetize this as much or as little as you’d like and make it part of your own coaching and training programs.


The contents include… 

  • Automate & Systematize
    • Different Scheduling Platforms
  • #Hashtags Matter
    • Exercise: Determining Your Hashtags
  • Events & Promotion
    • Exercise: Map Out Upcoming Events and Offers
  • Content Themes
    • Exercise: Map Out Monthly Themes
  • Throwbacks
    • Exercise: List Most Popular and Profitable Content
  • Other Content
    • Different Types of Posts to Share
    • Exercise: Favorite Resources for Inspiration

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