Coach Glue Daily PLR December Deals

Coach Glue has a fantastic promotion going on for the first 12 days of December. From December 1st to December 12th they are bringing you a special coupon offer on 12 different products – one each day. Most of these products are normally only available to their VIP All Access Members – but for each day, they will be available for you to buy at a huge discount. Then they are put back into the “vault”.

Below is a list of the twelve daily offers:

Dec 1: Ecourse Creation Blueprint ($250 off!)
Dec 2: The Only Three Systems You Really Need for a 6-Figure Business ($20 off!)
Dec 3: 4 Week Six-Figure Coaching Bootcamp ($250 off!)
Dec 4: How to Discover Your Purpose So You Can Love Your Business & Your Life ($20 off!)
Dec 5: The 4 Week Plan: How to Leave Your 9-5 for Your Entrepreneur Dream Life ($250 off!)
Dec 6: How to Create a Low-Maintenance Monthly Club for Recurring Income ($250 off!)
Dec 7: Money Mindset to Help You Soar ($250 off!)
Dec 8: 21 Days to Gratitude for More Abundance and Clarity ($50 off!)
Dec 9: Content Repurposing Workshop ($250 off!)
Dec 10: How to Recognize and Heal from Business Burnout ($50 off!)
Dec 11: From Bland to Brilliant: 50 Things Your Website Needs to Attract More Clients! ($7 off)
Dec 12: Your 12 Month Marketing Calendar ($250 off!)

Remember these delas are only available on the actual day listed above, so click the link on the correct date.

If you realize that these are the types of “Done for You” projects that you need, then the All Access Yearly VIP Pass might be of interest to you. Check it out here.    If you prefer a monthly pass, then the All Access Monthly Pass would be best for you.


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