Coach Glue Massive VIP Program Sale

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Coach Glue Massive VIP SaleNicole & Melissa will be cleaning up (removing) over 40 items on their Coach Glue starting next week, and they are giving you the chance to get ALL of the wonderful planners, workbooks, workshops, and more before they are gone.

Here’s the scoop…

They planned to remove content from our VIP program twice a year – but, in all of the excitement and growth (and fun) they’ve had the last few years, they just didn’t do it. It was a combination of their soft hearts wanting to add value and making sure VIPs had access to everything awesome they had created.

But it’s time……

So, next week, they will be pulling ALL of the following downloads from the VIP program and also be removing the option to buy them from the site. They’ll be gone…..

What that means in that you still have time to become a VIP member and download ALL of the following items for a short time – PLUS you’ll receive everything that they come out with for the next year. 


  • Cash Calendar: Your 12 Month Marketing + Profit Plan!
  • Planning Your Best Year Ever!
  • Webinar Planner
  • Product Creation Planner
  • Weekly Social Media Planner!
  • Weekly Newsletter Planner!


  • How to Discover Your Purpose So You Can Love Your Business and Your Life!
  • The Only 3 Systems You Really Need for a 6-Figure Business
  • Workbook & Checklist: You Need Clients – How to Get an Abundance of Client Referrals that Keep Your Calendar Full
  • How to Gracefully Announce and Handle a Price Increase with Clients
  • Vision Board Fun: Manifest Your Dream Business and Life


  • How to Create an Irresistible Group Coaching Program and End 1-to-1 Client Burnout!
  • Virtual Summits: How to Borrow the Expertise of the Superstars in your Market to Quickly Grow Your Own Tribe of Raving Fans and Loyal Customers
  • 30 Day Book Writing Bootcamp!
  • Giveaway Events Extravaganza: How to Give Away Free Stuff to Rapidly Multiply Your Reach!
  • How to Create Hot Selling Programs to Earn Passive Income AND Get New Clients!
  • Cash in On Client VIP Days: How to Plan a Fun and Profitable Coaching Experience!
  • 30 Day Facebook Ads Challenge: Funneling Your Way to Passive Income!
  • Presenting YOU! How to Host Your Own Fun and Easy Webinars to Quickly Grow Your Email List AND Sell Your Products and Programs Over and Over Again!
  • Premium Packages: How to Create and Sell $1K to $10K Packages
  • Sassy Business Systems: The Secret to Less Stress and More Profits
  • Authentic Pricing – How to Confidently Raise Your Rates and Start Working with Fun, High-End Clients


  • How to Get All the Clients You Ever Wanted with LinkedIn®
  • 7 Ways to Overcome Procrastination!
  • 6 Heart-Felt Strategies to Engage and Connect with Your Tribe
  • How to Find Your Confidence to Get More Done & Magnetically Attract New Clients and Opportunities!
  • Periscope: Live Video for Fun, Fortune and Fandom!
  • How to Quickly Grow Your Cash, Your Community and Your Clout by Running a Challenge
  • Raise Your Profile + Raise Your Profits
  • How to Get 3 New Clients This Month
  • You’re Losing Sales! Here’s the Fix for Finding All Your Lost Profits
  • How to Enroll New Clients & Manage Your Coaching Sessions with Ease


  • From Lackluster to Blockbuster: Revamp Your “About” Page for Increased Credibility and Promotion
  • Simple and Fun Goal Setting Strategies to Create Your Most Spectacular Year Ever!
  • 130 Things Every Business Owner Must Do to Succeed Online
  • Bland to Brilliant: 50 Things Your Website Needs to Attract More Clients
  • How to Organize Your Home Office for Maximum Productivity!
  • Hiring a Social Media Manager to Handle Your Social Marketing with Ease
  • How to Write Your Book in 30 Days
  • Google Hangouts Make Coaching, Training, and Selling Easy!
  • Finance Kit: Money Tracking and Planning for Coaches
  • 5-Part Email Series: Turn Cold Leads into Hot Clients

When you sign up as a VIP member, not only will you get all of those, but you’ll also get the past year’s content and the upcoming year’s content, too! 

If you can use even just a few of these, this is a no brainer!

Sorry, this offer has expired. You can still join the VIP Membership at the link below.

Check it out here: VIP Membership