Don’t Miss the Coach Glue Annual VIP Retirement Sale

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It’s time for Coach Glue’s  annual VIP retirement sale. Every year, in order to respect their loyal VIP members, they archive content from the download area into a vault that people who join after this week will not get access to. They will be doing that this week. So if a VIP members has paid for 3 years, new people can’t just come in and get everything for only one payment. That’s only fair….

The basic scoop is that they will be pulling 40 items (planners, workshops, etc.) from the VIP program and removing them from the site. The ONLY way to get them is to sign up as a VIP before midnight on March 16th, 2020. Then they’re gone.

Everyone who is a VIP by that time (including current VIPs) will be tagged with the archive access. Anyone who joins after that will not be. So it’s a great deal!

Anyone who joins as a VIP member through March 15th will get 38 bonuses PLUS get locked in at their lowest price they’ll ever offer.

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On March 16th, they will pull the past year’s programs from the VIP sales page and download page and remove the option to buy most of them from their site.

But, this week only, you can get them ALL as a BONUS when you become a VIP member.

If you sign up as a VIP this week, you’ll get access bunches of products (many of which are not available for purchase elsewhere) and you’ll have access to them as long as you are a member of the VIP program. They reward loyalty. AND… you’ll get locked in at the lowest price they’ll ever offer the VIP program. (It’s going up in price on the 16th for new members, too!)

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