Misconceptions About PLR

Since PLR content seems “too good to be true” you are probably thinking, “What’s the catch?” Well, there really isn’t any. Let’s take a look at three of the common PLR misconceptions.

#1 – You shouldn’t buy PLR content because thousands of other people have the same content.

Wrong… Some people see this as a real problem, but it really isn’t. You don’t have to create completely new or unique content for people to buy into what you are selling. You just need to satisfy their needs or desires. Besides, it won’t be the same content after you change it up a bit. There is no reason why you shouldn’t share good information with your target market.

#2 – Google will penalize you for having duplicate content. You don’t want the exact word for word content on your web pages, anyway, which is why we recommend that you edit PLR content. “Scraping content” is not recommended. With PLR content you are NOT scraping content. You are buying the rights to the content that allows you to use it however you want to. Edit the PLR content and add value to it and you are good to go.

The Internet is huge, and people are buying online each day. Think about it: There are only so many solutions to a problem. There is really nothing new under the sun, but you can add your own unique twist to things. Besides, how do you know that the person reading your PLR content has even heard of this information before? It very well could be completely new to them. Listening to the news on TV is a great example of duplicate content. Guess … they all report the same stories. Clothing, shoe, grocery stores and more can all sell the same items. What about gas stations – I mean gas is gas….! So, bottom line – should you decide NOT to sell something just because someone else is selling it? Of course not! The problem is not duplicate content, but that you provide a solution to the needs and desires of your target market. When you provide them with the information they need, then you will be successful.

#3 – You have to change so much of the content that it is not even worth buying it. You’re better off hiring a freelance or ghost writer. Well … if you have hundreds of dollars to spare to outsource your content then go right ahead and hire that ghostwriter. You can easily pay $1,000 for a ghostwriter to write an eBook for you. Quality articles can cost $10 and up per article. Quality PLR content is not expensive. Most quality PLR articles cost about $1 or so each in packages of either 5 or 10. So for your $10 spent on a ghostwriter you could get a bundle of 10 PLR articles. Of course you do not want to provide the same word for word information as your competitor. You should edit your PLR to put your own style on it. So you can see that these three objections to PLR content just aren’t true.


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