Planners are an Easy List Building Shortcut

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Do you know what’s on every entrepreneur’s desk right now?

A planner. 

Social media planners, blog planners, business growth planners, webinar planners… these workbook-style training documents make it easy to reach any business goal you have, with step-by-step instructions and fill-in-the-blank ease.

If you want to increase you revenue in 2021, here’s a great way to use planners: as a giveaway to your grow your list.

You already know that your current and potential clients can benefit from using a planner, so why not make it easy for them to start by offering one as an opt-in incentive to your list?

No matter what your niche or who your ideal client is, there’s a planner that fits her exact needs right now, and if you offer one in exchange for an email address, you’ll quickly build a list of interested readers.



And it’s even even better when planners are on sale for 50% off! Check out Coach Glue’s selection of done-for-you planners right here: Planners. 

Since they’re rebrandable, you can easily customize them to your unique business and clients, and create a truly valuable tool your audience will turn to again and again.

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